Meet the Orchestra


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Rachel Haver
Judy Dudley
David Wallace
Ann Highley
Lynne Thomson
Jinny Gribble

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Carole Kaldor
Sue Gillis
Lesley Lemon (leader of 2nds)
Michael McConnell
Polly Dickinson


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Tony Smith (leader)
Tracey Milne

‘Cellos / Bass

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Lesley Evans
Vicky Turnbull
Clive Jackson
Lynda Trice (leader)
Sarah Higgs
Margaret Houston
Lorraine Collins (Bass)
Martin Heath


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Andrew Norris
Barry Collisson
Katy Warren
Helen Lister

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Barbara Sykes
Elaine Herbert
Karen Carter
Paula Burton


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Peter Kaldor
Chris Preddy
Frances Jones
Mike Thomson

Some of our regular guest players

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David Barnes
Phillip Thorne
Bob Perry
Zami Jalil
Alice Gribble

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Paul Goodwin
Paul Dodge
Tim Jones
Vic Thomas
Roger Doulton

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Chris King
Katie Tyler

Charlie Grimsey
Anne Smith
Linda Tan

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Photography by Chris Dudley © 2015